ESLink - Eclipse Plug-ins for SAS development

This project is about a collection of plug-ins for the Eclipse platform. These plug-ins are grouped together under the name ESLink and they provide a partly integration of the SASŪ system (see into the Eclipse environment.

News and Status



If you do not want to build Eslink yourself you may use the Eclipse update manager (Help -> Install New Software...). Add the updatesite <> and you should be able to install Eslink from there.


Documentation is still very basic (not that you expected anything else, do you?). Some usage hints can be found here:


This project uses Trac as development wiki and ticketing system. See

The Eslink Sourceforge site is located at


Development of these plug-ins was started because the developer (see below) was thrown into the job of maintaining a fairly big SAS SCL application. Coming from a strong Java background I was not really satisfied with the tools available for source code manipulation, refactoring and general development. Since we wanted to maintain the SCL Code in Subversion the need of having the SCL code outside of the SAS IDE arose. This triggered first experiments. In addition to that this project is an experiment on how easy or difficult it is to integrate a somewhat alien system into Eclipse.

In 2009 a Sourceforge project was created to support any further development.



Currently all of this is coffee-break programming - literally. So consider it alpha software and do not expect too much from it. It might work for you but it might as well break totally and destroy your work. Be careful!